Suggested Puppy Schedule

This schedule is what your puppy has been doing for the past few weeks. Once your puppy comes home, we recommend the below schedule for the first few months. You can adjust the time to fit your schedule as needed, but try to follow the same pattern.

7:00am                Wake up & outside potty.

7:10-7:30am        Playtime in puppy proofed area.

7:30am                Breakfast and fresh water.

8:00am                Potty as soon as pup walks away from food/ water dish.

8:15-8:45am        Playtime in puppy proofed area.

8:45am                Nap time in crate/pen.

12:00pm              Lunch and fresh water.

12:30pm              Potty time.

12:45pm              Playtime in puppy proofed area.

1:15pm                Nap time in crate/pen.

5:00pm                Dinner and fresh water.

5:30pm                Potty and play outside/walk outside.

6:15pm                Nap time in crate/pen.

8:00pm                Fresh Water.

8:15pm                Potty.

8:30pm                Playtime in puppy proofed area.

9:00pm                Nap time in crate/pen.

Your Bedtime      Potty and then crate/pen overnight.


We recommend crating your puppy anytime you are gone and overnight, you will want to crate for short increments at first and work your way up to longer times. We encourage you to have a puppy proofed area where you aren't needing to supervise your puppy at all times. (Bathroom, Kitchen, Mud Room) We do not recommend your puppy to have free run of the home until they are at least 9 months old. It takes time for puppies to learn and understand the boundaries and need to earn trust. Before allowing your puppy free range in your home, they need to be potty trained and they need to know what is theirs to chew on, eat, and play with.